Congratulations to Jenny McCarron on the lease of Roosevelt! We are so happy to welcome these two to the Triple Diamond Family!
Congratulations to Emma Barsosky on her purchase of Sugarbrook Too Blue! We cant wait to watch you two in the pony ring next year!!
Congratulations to all of our TDF riders on an awesome summer of showing! We look forward to the fall season at Tryon!

Congratulations to Victoria Waugh on her new horse Arlando Z! We look forward to watching the pair climb through the jumper ranks!

Triple Diamond Farm is so excited to announce the purchase of Splash of Blue! We cant wait to watch this pony develop with Victoria!


We are so proud to announce our partnership with Ride Every Stride Inc. 

This company is your one stop shop for all of your equestrian needs! From scrims and nameplates to equestrian apparel, this company goes above and beyond to provide the best of equestrian products!


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